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Whether you ship once a year or 100 times a week, Stretch is ready. Our extensive network allows us to provide solutions year round at a moments notice. We can help cover seasonal surges or dedicated lanes.

We are fully equipped to move your freight anywhere in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our network of equipment, owner/operators, and preferred partner carriers allow us the ability to quickly assign a driver to your load with minimal deadhead, thus reducing both costs and transit times.
Get Big Savings with Weigh Station Bypass
In a new PrePass whitepaper, we look at five typical interstate truck routes. You will see the weigh stations that allow trucks to bypass using either the PrePass transponder or app and the corresponding savings in time, fuel, and money that quickly accumulate.
Mon, 06 Feb 23 12:00:00 EST
Iowa Extends Overweight Limits for Agricultural Transport
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has extended through Feb. 19 the harvest time proclamation for weight limits and the transportation of grain, fertilizer and manure.
Fri, 03 Feb 23 10:35:44 EST
Ready for the Future
However different and complex these issues that face the truckling industry may be, there’s one common thread that ties many of them together: the known unknown.
Fri, 03 Feb 23 10:10:21 EST
Nissan Technicians Can Vote on Union, NLRB Rules
A group of around 86 Nissan North America Inc. technicians at a Tennessee manufacturing plant can vote on unionization, the U.S. labor board ruled.
Fri, 03 Feb 23 10:08:59 EST