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Our People Make The Difference:
Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career with Stretch Logistics. Our thorough recruiting and interviewing process helps us identify quality candidates who reflect our company values, traits, and characteristics. Our organization is energetic, motivated and ambitious. We seek to discover these same traits when interviewing candidates.

We are looking for candidates with genuine enthusiasm and ambition. You are more than just a resume, so please show us the real you. Our goal is to find employees who will benefit our company with a positive attitude and eagerness to learn, as well as grow personally and professionally with us.
Interview Process:
1 - Online Application Before you can be considered for a position with Stretch Logistics, we ask that you complete an online application by submitting your resume through our system. Click here to begin the application process. Once your application has been submitted through our online system, you will be contacted within 2-3 business days to start the next steps in the process.
2 - Phone Interview The phone interview is conducted by a Stretch Recruiter and takes about ten to fifteen minutes. This casual conversation is designed to give you more in-depth information about our organization and the specific position that you have applied for, as well as to give our recruiters the chance to get a feeling for your understanding and interest level in the position.
3 - Pre-Interview Assessment You will be asked to complete a short assignment before attending the on-site interview. This assignment will require that you do some industry research to gain a better understanding of third party logistics and how Stretch Logistics fits into the industry. During your on-site interview, you will also complete a series of general assessments that will evaluate your basic skill sets as well as the knowledge you gained during your research.
4 - Interview The on site interview is conducted by two Stretch Recruiters and last about thirty to forty-five minutes. This is your chance to show us your personality, work ethic, communications skills, and more. Be prepared to delve into you professional and educational background so that we can get to know you better. Because of our unique organizational culture and environment, we put a lot of weight on your personality and potential to fit in at Stretch.
Account Executive Stretch Account Executives are the source of our growth. The office environment is fast-paced, energetic, and competitive; and we expect nothing less from our account executives. This position is earned through a humble willingness to learn and hard work to gain the knowledge necessary to be an account executive in a demanding industry.

  • Build a portfolio of clients and prospects through research, connections, and sales calls.
  • Manage your new clients freight by becoming a single point of contact for your customers and carriers.
  • Develop relationships with customers and carriers to ensure on time and reliable service.
  • Expand your professional connections through networking
  • Exceed expectations and be noticed for advancement opportunities.

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    Carrier Sales Our carrier sales team encompasses all of the aspects of our company. Carrier reps find safe, reliable carriers to help us grow, just as Account Executives seek out new business opportunities to help us grow. Carriers Sales do the same by finding quality carriers who hold themselves to the same high standards we represent.

  • Build a portfolio of safe, reliable carriers through research and sales calls.
  • Help to expend our network of dedicated carriers to provide our customers with more options and savings.
  • Manage customers freight from pick up to delivery.
  • Negotiate and develop new rates and lanes with carriers.
  • Gain industry knowledge to help advance your career.
  • Exceed expectations and be noticed for advancement opportunities.

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    Customer Service Our Customers Service team is the backbone of our success. No matter the industry a company cannot be successful without being a leader in customer service and satisfaction. To be a customer service representative at Stretch Logistics you need to have exceptional communication skills and a strong ability to multitask while paying attention to detail.

  • Maintaining and further developing strong relationships with current customers.
  • Data Entry, shipment tracking, and status updates for customers.
  • Developing creative problem solving procedures through experience and abstract thinking.
  • Growing clientele potential and opportunity.
  • Representing the core values behind Stretch Logistics.
  • Exceed expectations and be noticed for advancement opportunities.

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