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Getting Started with Stretch Logistics

At Stretch Logistics, doing business does not only apply to how we do business with our customers but with our contracted carriers and owner operators. When we broker a load to a trusted partner trucking company, our dedication, responsiveness, and friendliness will be just as noticeable as if we were dealing with our largest client.

Whether you are a single owner-operator or the owner of a large fleet, Stretch is eager to work together with you to help haul shipments all over the country. Download our packet now and begin hauling freight with Stretch!
Stretch Carrier Packet (.pdf)
- Quick payment: Stretch is recognized as a Gold Book Broker, our average pay is within 22 days. Stretch also offers a quick pay option, upon receiving your bills and invoice a check will be sent out within 24 hours for $10 or 2% whichever is greater.

- 24/7 communication: There is always a Stretch team member available to help.

- Load Matching: Stretch offers a wide array of shipments to match your trailer type and destination needs.

- Fairness: We understand without quality carriers we wouldn't be able to deliver a high level of service to our customers, we show this thankfulness everyday.

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